Aankh Micholi Movie :  Makes a few people chuckle, but doesn't stay involvedt

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 Narration: An eccentric family wishes to marry their daughter off to an NRI. As they attempt to conceal her illness, a string of amusing events poses a threat to reveal their deceptions. Will their strategy succeed?

 Review: An Ayurvedic doctor named Navjot Singh (Paresh Rawal) from Hoshiyarpur, Punjab, has a forgetful younger son named Harbhajan, also known as Bhajji (Abhishek Banerjee), a hard-of-hearing older son named Yuvraj (Sharman Joshi), and a nightblind daughter named Paro (Mrunal Thakur). Because of their poor communication, one might anticipate strange scenarios to arise when they are all housed together. This is occasionally provided by Umesh Shukla's film, and while some of the events look humorous on their own, the story lacks impact overall. The family's adversary Bhatti (Vijay Raaz) and his younger sister Sweetu (Teena Singh), who is also Paro's buddy, contribute to their humorous antics.

 In the movie, the family makes a lot of effort to find Paro and Bhajji life spouses. The plot revolves around Paro's parents' attempts to hide their shortcomings from her and how they manage to avoid revealing any of them after she accepts a rishta from Australian boy Rohit Patel (Abhimanyu Dasani). However, the suitor is hiding something.

 Scenes like the family pressuring the stuttering Bhajji to perform a song or tricking Bhatti into thinking that Sweetu is a potential groom for Rohit are intercut into the film. The majority of the film's entertainment value is provided by the family's antics up to the main plot, which takes a long to emerge. The scenarios and gags largely fall flat and appear overly pushed into the story, even once the main story starts. The climactic drama is ill-conceived and fails to evoke strong emotions.

 Although Jitendra Parmar's screenplay and storyline don't accomplish much to hold the audience's attention, the film does contain a few humorous situations and one-liners. Although Paresh Rawal gives a strong performance, his inattention does not always feel genuine. Moreover, Abhishek Banerjee does a good job in his part. In the movie, Divya Dutta plays Billo, the daughter-in-law. She plays a good-natured but cunning woman who wants to teach the family a lesson about lying. Abhimanyu Dasani and Mrunal Thakur are respectable, although both actors' characters could have used more growth.
 Aankh Micholi might only be appealing to slapstick comedy enthusiasts. But as entertainment, movie falls short due to the exaggerated settings and weak plot.