Lakeerein Movie :  A serious attempt with a shoddy execution to convey the horrors of marital rape

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The story follows Tia Bajpayee's character Kavya as she fights her husband Vivek Damodar Agnihotri (Gaurav Chopra) for justice. Will the faulty judicial system fail her, or will she succeed?

 Review: "Lakeerein" tackles the sensitive and important topic of "marital rape," which is stigmatised and frequently goes unreported because of misunderstandings about consent in marriage held by the general public. The film, which is the directorial debut of Durgesh Pathak, aims to highlight the unfairness and suffering that many married women endure behind closed doors. This Lucknow-set movie follows Kavya's journey from a helpless girl seeking justice to a strong woman, aided by lawyer Geeta Biswas (Bidita Bag), and facing off against the arrogant Dudhari Singh (Ashutosh Rana), who stands up for her husband Vivek. Though the content is thought-provoking and the intentions are good, the execution is not up to par.

 This 123-minute movie tries hard to depict the horrors of marital rape and highlight different instances of these crimes against women. However, the movie might have benefited from a tighter script and a more concentrated story. The plot feels disorganized as there are so many examples that are identical to one another. When handling such delicate themes, it's critical to find a balance between drawing attention to the problem and maintaining a cogent plot.

 While there are some interesting moments in the courtroom, the arguments ought to have been more compelling to keep the audience interested. Furthermore, if "shudh Hindi" is used excessively in talks, some viewers may find it difficult to comprehend, which could be a barrier to creating a compelling story and getting a point across.

 The performances are credible, which is a plus. Tia Bajpayee plays a sensitive role alongside Kavya. She practically takes on the role of countless other women in similar circumstances. Ashutosh Rana and Bidita Bag win positive reviews for their legal performances, and Gaurav Chopra expertly manipulates the audience to detest his character.
 "Lakeerein" tackles a big and sometimes disregarded problem, although it could have been better executed with greater coherence and emphasis. Still, it makes viewers pause and consider the harsh realities that many married women silently deal with.