Leo movie review: Vijay delivers one of his greatest performances

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The movie Leo is titled "Animal Rescuer and Coffee Shop Owner Parthiban (Vijay) Becomes a Local Hero After Saving the Town from a Hyena Attack." It is set in Himachal Pradesh. His coffee shop incident attracted unjustified attention from the media and the public due to its unrelated nature. When brothers Anthony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun Sarja) learn of Parthiban, they believe him to be the son of the former, Leo Das (Vijay). They arrive at the small village brandishing their weapons to see if Parthiban is Leo.

Leo Movie Analysis: Living in a snow globe universe with his wife Sathya (Trisha) and two kids is Parthiban (Vijay). His pristine environment begins to slightly fracture, allowing air to enter, and what happens next is a hurricane that smashes the entire world to pieces. Can Parthiban repair the flawless snow globe and save his family?

As a front for their illicit drug trade, brothers Anthony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun Sarja) operate a tobacco company. Leo (Vijay), Anthony's son, is one of the most potent operatives who makes sure that drugs are transported from one location to another with ease. Leo is killed in the tobacco industry after a terrifying occurrence that results in flames. After twenty years, the Das brothers learn about Parthiban and his striking likeness to Leo. The main question at hand is whether Leo really killed himself to become Parthiban, or if they are two distinct individuals who only happen to have similar appearances.

Leo is a one-man show even with a group of performers. Both as Leo and as Parthiban, Vijay is excellent in the movie. Up to the very end, he leaves the audience wondering if he is a Leo who has transformed into a Parthiban or a true Parthiban. The sequences are expertly designed to keep viewers riveted to the displays until the very end. The scene before the climax is the best. Although the writing is a little erratic, Vijay's charisma and acting make it a credible appearance. He has exceeded his own expectations as he transforms into an all-around "badass" Leo Das, departing from his informal, eccentric, lighthearted excursions. He is a great father and husband who struggles within but never takes his eyes off the bedroom window. 

In this movie, Leo is deprived of a formidable, towering antagonist. Arjun Sarja matched Vijay's intensity, but there isn't much of the latter on screen.

To set the stage for an action-packed, violent universe, Lokesh informs us at the opening of the movie that the tale is based on David Cronenberg's A History of Violence. Both of Lokesh's prior LCU movies, Kaithi and Vikram, were mostly action movies, but Vikram did contain a brief scene with a family. However, Lokesh focuses on family sentiment and equations here, which throws off the fast-paced action sequence. 

Leo is a well-known Lokesh Kanagaraj movie that features obvious star service effects. The enemies in the movie are presented in a visually striking setting, but they aren't given much of a foundation to stand on. The film lacks a compelling clash between the protagonist and the adversaries at the finale, despite stars like Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Sarja. Half of Anirudh's music is at its best. The movie maintains balance throughout, with a slow song in the first half and the much anticipated "Naa Ready Daan" in the second, which also establishes the mood. A tiny bit more BGM energy was needed for the action passages in the early half.

Lokesh has adorned a well-known, traditional, and tried-and-true "hero in exile" tale with imaginative, action-packed scenes. Even if the plot of the film becomes obvious within thirty minutes of walking into the theater, Lokesh excels in his "innovative violence and action sequences." The much-anticipated Hyena sequence falls flat in the first half, but in the second, the ferocious beast returns for the ultimate act of retaliation.

Thankfully, Trisha is more than just arm candy here, and she plays more than just the ideal spouse. The proper amount of attention is given to her position. Despite receiving high praise for their performances, Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja, Priya Anand, Gautam Vasudev Menon, and Mysskin's are overshadowed by Leo Das, nicknamed Vijay.

Even though the entire "LCU" aspect seems fabricated, Lokesh has the best chance to succeed in the upcoming franchise with Leo. The Leo of Lokesh and Vijay is far more "bloody" than "sweet." Even though Leo's roar isn't at its loudest right now, it's still a lion!