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version : 7.3.0 (25/05/2023)

- Compatible with Active eCommerce Flutter App v3.8.0
- Compatible with Active eCommerce Seller App v2.1.0
- Compatible with Active eCommerce Delivery Boy Flutter App v3.4.0
- Added font for Burmese language in invoice
- Important bug fixing
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Clean Version Not Nulled

version : 7.0.0 (13/03/2023)

- Header
- The header has been completely redesigned.
- The banner above the header may be uploaded separately for large, medium, and small devices.
- Cart has been added to the header.

- Homepage
- The flash sale section is redesigned with banner & timer and new product box.
- Today’s Deal is newly designed with a new product box
- Today’s Deal banner upload option for small & large devices separately.
- The Featured Categories section is completely new with options for viewing up to 5 subcategories.
- A large banner section is added with a slider.
- Auction section is redesigned with banners & new product boxes.
- Full width banner added for coupons.
- New section of categories with a banner image.
- Newly designed classified ads section with banner upload options for large & small devices.
- Top sellers section is redesigned.
- The Top Brands section is also redesigned.
- New Footer is introduced throughout the site.

- Newly Added Pages
- Today’s Deal
- Featured Products

- Other Pages
- Flash sale page is completely new designed with a full width banner at top.
- Flash sale details page now features fixed banner with time counter.
- Today's Deal page is newly added with a full width banner at the top(Same banner of the homepage).
- Categories page is redesigned with thumbs of parent categories.
- Newly designed coupon cards.
- Newly designed blogs with search, category filter and recent posts section.
- Blog details page is also changed to a new layout.

- Seller’s Pages
- All Seller’s pages are redesigned.
- Seller’s store home is redesigned.
- Follow Seller option, member since, reviews, address of seller (optional), social media & Verified badge is added in every page of seller.
- Multiple new banner placeholders in the seller store home.
- All product pages of the seller now feature a Filter sidebar.

- Product
- Product Listing page is redesigned
- The brand's filter is now image based.
- Product detail page is completely new in arrangements.
- Product Inquiry option is added
- Seller Information box is added.
- Product Quick view is redesigned & improvised
- Images upload option in ratings & reviews option

- Cart & Order Related Pages
- Quick cart view is redesigned.
- Fully redesigned for
- My cart page
- Shipping Info
- Delivery Info
- Payment & Confirmation Page

- Login & Registration
- All login & registration pages are redesigned & now separated
- Customer Login with admin administrative banner upload option
- Registration pages are redesigned with admin administrative banner upload option
- Admin Login
- Seller Login
- Delivery Boy Login

- Customer Panel
- The Customer Dashboard is fully redesigned with below option:
- Wallet balance show
- Wallet balance recharge option
- View Total Expenditure
- Order history page accessibility
- Product in cart
- Product in wishlist
- Total ordered product
- View current package
- Package upgrade option
- View shipping address
- Add new shipping address option
- All pages of the customer panel are newly designed.

- Delivery Boy Panel
- The Delivery Boy Dashboard is fully redesigned with below option:
- Completed Delivery
- Pending Delivery
- Total Collected
- Earnings
- Canceled Delivery
- Request to Cancel
- On the way Deliveries
- Picked up Deliveries
- Assigned Deliveries
- All pages of the Delivery Boy panel are newly designed.
Clean Version Not Nulled

version: 6.5.0 (28/12/2022)

- Add functionalities for Khalti Payment Gateway
- Add functionalities for SPARROW SMS Gateway
- Add functionalities for Club Point Add-on v1.6
- Add a new option to set currency code for iyzico Payment Gateway
- Important bug fixing
Clean Version not nulled

version: 6.3.3 (08/11/2022)

- MyFatoorah Payment Gateway added in Active eCommerce Asian Payment Gateway add-on
- Compatible with Active eCommerce Asian Payment Gateway add-on version 1.5
- Compatible with Active eCommerce Seller Subscription add-on version 1.8
- Important bug fixing.
Clean Version not nulled

version: 6.3.2 (02/11/2022)

- Added a New Button in Addon Manager (Admin Panel) For Activate Add-ons
- Bulk Delete Option added in Uploaded Files Delivery Option of Digital Products removed from checkout Process
- Added Base URL option in MiMSMS gateway as per their documentation
- Important bug fixing.
Clean Version Not Nulled

version: 6.3.1 (27/09/2022)

- Add the best matching sorting option in the product search results
- Give expand/collapse option in the product search filter section
- Important bug fixing in Role Permission features
Clean Version Not Nulled

version: 6.3.0 (06/09/2022)

- Reorganized Role Permission System
- Minor Bug Fixing
Clean Version Not Nulled

version: 6.2.0 (29/08/2022)

- Add carrier-based shipping method
- Minor Bug Fixing
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