[DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics

[XenForo] [Add-Ons] [DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics v1.0.6.1

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  • Suppress error if there is a transient Google Analytics API issue on the main admin page (won't show an error when attempting to display a real-time map on the admin index page)
  • Changed the explanation text on the debug option to be more clear that it creates server error log entries for debugging server-side events
  • Fixed issue where chart dimensions would be mislabeled/incorrectly grouped on the chart
  • Added "Purchase revenue" as a dimension option for charts
  • Added "Item purchase quantity" as a dimension option for charts
  • Fixed issue where an old installation of legacy (XF1) version of add-on would cause installation issues of this (XF2) version of add-on.
  • Fixed issue where some email sent/email read events wouldn't get logged if you are tracking events by user ID.
  • Added missing phrases for "city" and "region".
  • Added ability to debug events going through backend measurement protocol.
  • Using new Google Analytics Admin API endpoint (going from v1alpha to v1beta).
Ability to not use Google Analytics with certain user group(s)
  • New user group permission: Do not track with Google Analytics