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Download Dokan Business v3.7.5 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled Free
= v3.7.5 Aug 25, 2022 =

- **new:** [Auction] Multistep product category implementation for Auction Module
- **new:** [Booking] Multistep product category implementation for Booking Module

- **update:** No message after clicking the `save changes button on the vendor dashboard Ship Station settings
- **update:** Display active and inactive module count under the Dokan module page
- **update:** [ColorSchemeCustomizer] Added extended supports for Color Scheme Customizer module on frontend

- **fix:** [StripeConnect] Fixed a deprecated warning `Method WC_Subscriptions::redirect_ajax_add_to_cart is deprecated since version 4.0.0`
- **fix:** [VendorSubscriptionProduct] fixed a deprecated warning `Function WC_Subscriptions::is_duplicate_site is deprecated since version 4.0.0!`
- **fix:** [TableRateShipping] Fixed tooltip not working for table rate shipping under vendor dashboard
- **fix:** [Elementor] Single Store Page templates were not loading on latest version of Elementor
- **fix:** [Elementor] Fixed some deprecated warnings on Dokan Elementor module
Download Dokan Business v3.7.4 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled Free
v3.7.4 Aug 10, 2022

- **new:** [Elementor] Single store page Featured, Latest, Best-selling, Top-rated products widget for Elementor module
- **new:** Introduced a new filter hook named `dokan_progressbar_translated_string`
- **new:** Product Inline Edit Support Catalog Mode for Products
- **new:** [Booking] Added Catalog Mode support for Booking Products
- **new:** [RequestAQuote] Added Catalog Mode support

- **update:** Implement new category UI in product Quick edit and bulk edit in vendor dashboard.
- **update:** Load asset (css/js) files only on required pages

- **fix:** Skrill payment gateway shows disconnect button for new vendors even though it is not connected.
- **fix:**[WireCard/Moip] Wirecard payment gateway showed under vendor withdraw options when the module is enabled regardless of the payment method enabled in WooCommerce
- **fix:** Delete coupon cache for marketplace coupon after seller account has been deleted.
- **fix:** [MangoPay] KYC documents were being `Out of Date` in some cases.
- **fix:** PHP warning for vendor shipment status email template
- **fix:** [Geolocation] Filter by the vendor wasn't working if the Show Filters Before Location Map setting is turned off from the Geolocation admin setting
- **fix:** Updated Pending Product - email was sent for already published products if the setting is enabled for a vendor: Publish Product Directly.
- **fix:** [Stripe Express] Error on adding payment method from My Account -> Add Payment Method page when the gateway setup process wasn't completed.
- **fix:** [StripeConnect] Fixed redirect URL mismatch with stripe oAuth redirect URL
- **fix:** [OrderMinMax] Fixed fatal error while calling filter product API from Request a Quote module
- **fix:** [ProductAdvertisement] Fixed 3 warnings on the home page if the Product advertisement module is active
- **fix:** [Elementor] Fixed single store page products broken layout of elementor widgets on storefront theme
- **fix:** [VendorSubscription] Categories restriction wasn't working when restrict categories was enabled from vendor subscription product.
- **fix:** [StripeConnect] Fixed invalid redirect url issue after vendor connect their account with stripe
- **fix:** [RMA] fixed fatal error while purchasing booking product if rma module is active
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Added translation support for Delivery Time Calendar
- **fix:** [Refund] Translation issue on refund required parameters
- **fix:** [RequestAQuote] change text permanent delete to Delete Permanently
- **fix:** [RequestAQuote] Search for the product wasn't working while creating new Quotes or new Quote rules
- **fix:** [VendorStaff] Removed unfiltered_html capabilities from vendor_staff role
- **fix:** Changing withdraw method doesn't always show Withdraw Method Changed Modal window for withdraw disbursement feature under Dokan admin settings.
Download Dokan Business v3.7.3 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled Free
v3.7.3 - Jul 26, 2022

- **fix:** [RequestForQuotation] Fixed category list wasn’t rendered properly and was missing most of the category items.
=v3.7.2 Jul 15, 2022=
- **new:** [ColorSchemeCustomizar] Added dashboard navigation active menu color settings.
- **update:** Removed default values from withdraw disbursement settings
- **update:** [ColorSchemeCustomizar] Added dashboard navigation custom border color settings.
- **fix:** [Stripe] Fixed fatal error on parsing gateway title and a warning after checkout is completed
- **fix:** Fixed data clear pop not showing after checking the data clearing settings checkbox.
=v3.7.1 Jun 30, 2022=
- **update:** Added disconnect button to the Skrill payment method
- **update:** Redirect the user to the corresponding payment settings page instead of the payment list page after connecting the payment method.
- **update:** Respect the Dokan withdraw enable/disable method during a show of non-connected seller notice.
- **update:** [Elementor] Update Elementor Store Open/Close times widget & add hover feature to the Store Open/Close times widget.
- **fix:** Fixed some empty method names in Payment Methods section of Vendor Dashboard > Withdraw
- **fix:** [RequestAQuote] Fixed a console warning on WordPress admin panel
- **fix:** After completion of 100% again clicking update settings of store/payment/social profile will popup progress bar again
- **fix:** Progress bar doesn't update if a vendor is created by the admin
- **fix:** Progress bar doesn't update if a customer becomes a vendor
- **fix:** No progress bar update for PayPal marketplace, Mangopay, razor pay, custom payment method update
v3.7.0 Jun 14, 2022
**new:** [ColorSchemeCustomizer] Updated admin color picker settings page and included 7 different color pallets for admin to choose from.
**new:** [VendorStaff] An email is sent to the vendor staff if the vendor changes the password.

**update:** Updated Dokan Pro and all modules settings page design according to the new settings page
**update:** if ‘Selling Product Types’ is set to ‘I plan to sell only digital products’ then when creating new variations of a variable product the 'Downloadable' and 'Virtual' checkboxes will be checked automatically if the corresponding values are empty. otherwise, the saved values will be placed
**update:** [ProductAdvertisement] delete advertisement product reference after the base product has been moved to the trash
**update:** [ProductAdvertisement] create advertisement base product after saving advertisement settings

**fix:** WPML translated endpoint not working in payment settings page
**fix:** Distance rate shipping doesn't show the proper shipping method title under Cart and Checkout page
**fix:** Distance rate shipping method rules order not saved
**fix:** Coupon percentage discount type doesn't respect WooCommerce decimal/thousand settings for coupon amount
**fix:** admin shipping method deletion doesn't delete vendor shipping methods
v3.6.2 Jun 03, 2022
**Update:** [Stripe Express] Added filter `dokan_stripe_express_payment_method_title` to manipulate payment method title
**Update:** [Stripe express] Billing, shipping, and tax data processing for payment request
**Update:** [Stripe express] Updated some validation to restrict some unnecessary process
**Fix:** [Stripe express] Live mode API wasn't working
v3.6.1 May 31, 2022
**new:** Stripe Express - Enable split payments, multi-seller payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL and other marketplace features available in Stripe Express.
**new:** [ProductAdvertising] Added reverse withdrawal support
**new:** [PayPal Marketplace] Added reverse withdrawal payment purchase support
**update:** [MangoPay] Some UX for MangoPay payment settings in vendor dashboard.
**update:** Introduce a callback to withdraw methods to determine if a seller if connected to that withdraw method
**fix:** Negative vendor earning entry while refunding a multivendor order fully.
**fix:** marketplace coupon bound to some vendors applies to other vendors' products
**fix:** vendor coupon applies to sale items even if its exclude sale item flag is true
**fix:** [MangoPay] Empty state error was being thrown for some addresses where state is not required.
**fix:** [Stripe Connect] Payment element's designs of other Stripe gateways were breaking.

=v3.6.0 May 18, 2022=​

- **new:** [Module] Request for Quotation Doc Link# https://wedevs.com/docs/dokan/modules/dokan-request-for-quotation-module/
- **chore:** Minimum WooCommerce version is set to 5.0
- **chore:** Minimum WordPress version is set to 5.4
- **update:** Now vendor can choose if a Free shipping rule should be applied before or after deducing the coupon discount amount.
- **update:** [StoreSupport] Added Store Support unread ticket status icon, and added email settings and new email templates to send support status email to admin.
- **update:** [Auction] Added filters to the auctions products under vendor dashboard
- **update:** [Auction] Added email search in auctions activity page
- **fix:** With a manual booking, vendor is being charged instead of the customer
- **fix:** Fixed a translation issue for automatic withdraw page's minimum withdraw amount
- **fix:** Vendor shipping zone is not selected properly on the cart page due to caching issue.
- **fix:** Stop the nonce verification failed message after saving store settings
- **fix:** [Auction] Fixed pagination under auctions products list page
- **fix:** [SPMV] min/max price show product not working if cloned products price diff is less than 1.