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Download Slider Revolution v6.6.7 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.7 (17th November 2022)
New Features

  • New event: “Any Modal Opens” added to custom JS portfolio
  • New method: “revGoToFrame” added to custom JS portfolio
  • Added a lot more logic to the Google Fonts caching system
  • Deep linking isn’t working on carousel slider
  • Some slides in the carousel are flashing into the position instead of animating in from the side
  • Global static layer settings for in and out animation are buggy in carousel
  • Particles AddOn effect doesn’t render on the first slide in carousel
  • Sometimes layers disappear in a carousel when the ‘Visible Layers’ option is set to ‘Always on all slide’
  • WooCommerce {{wc_stock}} meta does not show the total stock of all child products
  • Auto slide rotation sometimes ends with js failure if browser is not focused
  • Backend: Copying row layer with layers in it and pasting it it in Global Layers fails with console errors
  • Precaching Google Fonts locally fail to load fonts on some environment
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.5 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.5 (25th October 2022)

  • Added Full Inset as cover mode. This will help to set spaces through 4 device levels in any direction within a group when a layer is absolute positioned
Bug Fixes
  • Videos autoplay on mobile even though autoplay is set to ‘Skip 1st Time Slide’
  • In carousel modules, static layers don’t animate in and out on the correct slides
  • RTL layers in the column do not align to the left/right since version 6.6.0
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.4 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.4 (19h October 2022)

  • The Cluster: This update comes with support for a new AddOn that will add amazing cluster particles effects to layers
  • CrossOrigin Video: Added new button for HTML5 background videos to support videos from third party sites. If you are getting CORS erros in console while using third party video as background, enable the new option
  • Modified error messages if a slider does not have a slide to show
  • Looped and masked layers in the Before After AddOn environment breaks after 6.6.0
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.2 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.2 (7th October 2022)

Video Layers with border radius show a white border since version 6.6.0
Text Layers with % based size or auto width calculated and positioned wrong in frontend
Download Slider Revolution v6.6.1 Responsive WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v6.6.1 (6th October 2022)

  • 6.6.0 Regression: Old cached version of rbtools was loading with new update

v6.6.0 (6th October 2022)
New Features

  • Groups can be dragged into other groups on root or into columns
  • Introducing position (relative / absolute), display mode, float, linebreak for layers in groups and columns
  • Added option for groups line-height
  • Added option for vertical- and text align of relative layers in groups
  • Simplified output structures based on requests and enabled options, features
  • Added protection against looped folder structures in overview
  • Single layers can now be imported from rows, groups and columns
  • Carousel engine
    • New physics engine: for smooth dragging and instant dragging
    • Vertical orientation: Now carousel supports vertical drag
    • Overshoot effect: Added option for overshoot effect, carousel will ease back into position with a cool bounce effect.
    • 2D Spin: 2D spin option will allow you to drag slides in a circle based on user set angles
    • 3D Spin: Just like 2D spin, you can drag carousels in 3D, set spin angle to spin a carousel inward or outward
    • Skew: New skew option skews the entire slider based on the current speed of carousel, creating cool physics based effects
    • Improved performance: New engine is fast and smooth, it uses better engine for dragging improves performance with reduced calculations and updates
  • Flickr photosets are now titled “Albums”
  • Dragging layers quick in the editor mixes up positions and orders of layers in columns, groups and rows
  • Dropping layers into groups and columns is not possible in some rare cases, or added in wrong order, place
  • Textlayers in groups will not wrap if relative positioned
  • Using ‘ in the WooCommerce settings can produce an JavaScript error in the Slider Revolution overview page
  • Hover state stuck on drag in editor
  • Carousels stretched mode still fade in/out coming, leaving slides
  • Stage aligned layers with % do not render on the correct position in frontend
  • Modules that have viewport stop “wait” don’t seem to be lazy loaded
  • Video on scroll modules are not any more in sync
  • Timeline based scroll layers disappearing after a browser tab change
  • SQL notice occurs with the latest WordPress 6.1 beta
  • Scroll based blur in Safari cuts the edges of layers
  • Vimeo video limit of 20 raised to 60

Version 6.5.24 (24th May 2022)​


  • Missing width/height values in images can produce notices
  • Slow loading times on mobile, if elementor is activated due to lazy loading
  • WooCommerce slider may appear empty even though categories are selected
v6.5.23 (24th May 2022)

  • WooCommerce slider does not consider child posts/variants in filtering for price ranges
  • Layers become invisible if duration of layer is 0
Version 6.5.22 (18th May 2022)


  • Carousel Stop on Click: Added new option, by default carousel progress stops if user clicks on slider, this option lets you choose to continue auto rotate progress after user clicks on slider.
  • Importing a slider may create an additional empty slide
  • Opening modal with openModalAPI method fails with console error
  • Parallax jumps on iOS if URL field gets removed
  • Action triggered static layers ignore triggered frame call on last slide after slide swap
  • Before & After AddOn copy to clipboard after image is not working. Latest 3.0.6 version of Before & After AddOn required to fix issue
  • Glitch & noise effect does not fade out after fading once on 1st slide
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