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Download The7 v11.2.0 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
v.11.2.0 (Nov 22, 2022)

New Feature:
The7 Slider widget (beta). The slides can be created and edited with Elementor like regular templates.

1. Mega Menu will not close when clicking inside of it. It allows using tabs and other interactive widgets (beta) inside Mega Menu.
2. All The7 widgets containing the "number of columns" setting now have the setting to adjust the "wide desktop" responsiveness point.
3. Navigation arrows in photo scrollers can now be centered relative to images; the corresponding arrow can now be hidden when reaching the scroller beginning/end.

Bug Fixes:
1. The7 Product Images. Images are not visible when thumbnails are disabled.
2. Theme Styles > Typography. Links styling doesn't work.
3. "Add to cart" doesn't work if a product attribute consists of multiple words.
4. SVG "arrow down" image loads even if it is not displayed in the menu.
Download The7 v11.1.1 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
v.11.1.1 (Nov 3, 2022)

Bug fixes:
1. Elementor templates are not working when used inside tabs more than once.
2. "Tribe Events Сalendar" plugin compatibility issue.
Download The7 v11.0.3 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
Changelog Not Found
Download The7 v11.0.0 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
v.11.0.0 (Sep 25, 2022)
New Features:

1. Starter screen (appears on The7 registration) with an option to automatically set up The7 for building Elementor-based websites from scratch.
When choosing this option, The7 will automatically install the required plugins, choose optimal settings, create Global Fonts and Colors (Design System), add basic templates (blog, shop, archives, etc.) and template parts (header, footer, mobile menu, etc.), import minimal dummy content, etc. In other words, do all the prep work we usually do before creating a new demo.
2. Settings presets optimized for Elementor and WPBakery were added to The7 > My The7.
3. Option to disable old Page Templates and other features not required for Elementor-based websites was added under The > My The7, Settings.
4. Option to disable the icon font built into The7 was added under The > My The7, Settings.

New and updated demos:
1. New "Blank" demo (https://the7.io/blank/). Handy if you are building a website from scratch without using a pre-made thematic demo.
2. "Elementor Shop" demo (https://the7.io/elementor-shop/) was completely overhauled.
All other demos were updated to use new features.

1. All icons used in the theme were switched from the icon font to .svg.
2. Numerous minor improvements to forms styling (checkboxes and radio-buttons styling; styling for the Product Reviews widget; buttons icon spacing; etc.).
3. Numerous minor improvements to the Mini Cart widget (title and buttons background; min-height for title background; spacing after the last item; etc.).
4. "Gap" element in TinyMCE text editor is now editable.
5. Search widget now has the "clear" button.
6. Arrows in the Product Images widget now support .svg's; have responsiveness and spacing settings.
7. Toggles in the Product Filter widget now have hover and active color settings.
8. Numerous minor improvements to the Photo Scroller widget.
9. Mega menu margins can now be set in "em" and "rem" units.
10. "Normalize resize event on mobile devices" setting was added to Elementor Site Settings (works the same as in the Theme Options).

1. "Apply Coupon" button has wrong height on mobile devices.
2. "dt-the7/woocommerce/myaccount\form-login.php" template is outdated.
3. Image Box widget grid layout is broken in some settings combinations.
4. Minor appearance issues with the Product Revies form.
5. Position of 3+ level indicator in Shop Categories widget.
6. Header can't be excluded from 404 Page template.
7. Active product filters widget, icon size misses the "px" and "em" units.
8. Collapsible sidebar. The Product Categories dropdown is not visible with certain settings combinations.
9. Carouse widgets. Animation is missing with .svg arrows.
10. "Current subcategories" mode doesn't work in "The7 Product Categories Grid".
Download The7 v10.13.1 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled
v10.13.1 (Aug 30, 2022)

New Feature:
A "gap" element was added to the text editor to give more control over spacing between paragraphs of text.

1. "Search" widget now has four separate border-radius settings instead of one.
2. "Up" button positioning and spacings are now responsive.
3. General accessibility improvements.

Bug Fixes:
1. "Mini Cart" custom empty link URL does not work.
2. "Posts Grid" images fade-out on scroll with certain settings combinations.
3. "Search". Icon shape and background displays incorrectly if it is outside the search field.
4. "Search". Placeholder text looks different in the editor and the front-end.
5. "Mini Cart". Spacing changes when the quantity field is being disabled.

Other minor improvements and changes.
Download The7 v10.13.0 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled Free
v10.13.0 (Aug 23, 2022)
New demo:

The7 Restaurant - https://the7.io/elementor-restaurant/
This one is tasty

1. Demo content. Attachments import auto-retry feature added.
2. Site logo can now be imported during the "import by URL" process.
3. Image Box and Image Box Grid widgets. The placeholder image was removed as it led to layout misrepresentation.
4. Menu Cart Widget. Color settings for the "floating" state were added.

Bug fixes:
1. Contact Form. The date/time select field is misaligned.
2. Posts Masonry & Grid. Not clickable posts are clickable on mobile devices.
3. Tabs. Incorrect icon padding with certain responsiveness settings.
4. Up button. Border and background animation is not synchronous.
Download The7 v10.12.0.1 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled
v. (Aug 10, 2022)

No changelog as of yet, will update when is updated.
v.10.12.0 (July 8, 2022)

Download The7 v10.12.0 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress Nulled

Changelog not found as still showing the previous version will update once changed.

New Demo:
Elementor Company - https://the7.io/elementor-company/

New Features:
1. Image Box widget.
2. Grid Image Box widget.

1. Import of Single Posts with Elementor templates.
2. Post Grid widget can now display custom fields of custom post types.

Bug Fixes:
1. Layout issues in Filter by Price widget.
2. "Fashion Store" demo content cannot be removed.
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