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Oct 20, 2022


Because of the way this template is built it will NOT work with your current tickets.

I only recommend using this template if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • 1) The blog is new and has no entries.
  • 2) You are willing to edit ALL your already published posts.


  • Easy to use
  • Responsive
  • VanillaJS
  • Fast charge

1. Deshabilitar feed​

Go to Settings > Site Feed > Allow Blog Feed > None

2. Settings for mobile devices​

Go to Theme > Expand Arrow > Mobile Settings > Desktop > Save


3. Configure comments​

A - Change the value of the value field, for another that is acceptable, for example: blogger, Disqus

B - If you choose Disqus, replace SHORTNAME with your short name

4. Add movie​

If you have published entries you must change the status of all of them to draft.


Create a new entry, paste and edit the following fields (all are required)

 title: "MOVIE_TITLE",
 year: YEAR,
 rating: RATING,
 votes: VOTES,
 runtime: "MOVIE_DURATION",
 quality: "QUALITY",
 genre: [
 overview: "SYNOPSIS",
 poster: "IMAGE_SMALL",
 backdrop: "BACKGROUND_IMAGE",
 download: "DOWNLOAD_LINK",
 player: [

Movie posting example​

{  title: "Godzilla vs. Kong",  year: 2021,  rating: 8.2,  votes: 3.256,  runtime: "1h 53m",  quality: "720p",  genres: ["action","adventure","fantasy"],  overview: "\"Godzilla y Kong\", Two of the most powerful forces on a planet inhabited by terrifying creatures, face off in a spectacular combat that shakes the foundations of humanity. Monarch embarks on a high-risk mission and sets off into uncharted territories to discover the origins of these two titans, in a last-ditch effort to try to save two beasts that seem to have their hours counted on the face of the Earth.",  poster: "",  backdrop: "",  trailer: "Y2O4RCdwCGM",  download: "",  player: [   "",   ""  ] }


If any part of our synopsis (overview) has double quotes you must add a backslash \ before each one.
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